Dietary Requirements & Menu Selection 1

Dietary Requirements & Menu Selection


What about dietary requirements?

Yes we can absolutely cater for different dietary requirements. We do however require you to include notes in the ordering section online and we will be in contact with you to discuss and make our suggestions accordingly. If we are unable to cater to your specific dietary requirements, we will let you know when confirming your order.

Please note that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens. Such as tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, soybeans, fish or shellfish. Please be aware of this when requesting your dietary requirements.

Menu Selection 

We plan your menu in advance with you, for your catered event. We always endeavour to deliver to the menu as agreed, on the rare occasion we encounter an unforeseen issue due to seasonality or availability of produce, one of the Fork N Knife catering team will be in touch to provide alternate options.

Menu and Final Number confirmation

We endeavour to cater to both small and large groups, yet we have had to apply a minimum amount of guests/serves for certain items on our menu. 

If your numbers for your event reduce, Fork N Knife reserves the right to apply the minimum numbers as outlined in the menu.

For in person fully staffed events, there will be staffing costs incurred. Should your final numbers change, this could potentially affect the staffing of your event. Therefore it is essential that confirmation of any changes in numbers is received in writing within the specified notice period. This notice period will be outlined to you at the stage of booking and is included in your signed catering agreement.

For boxed catering orders online, all numbers confirmed at time of booking can only be adjusted within 72 hour period prior to your pick up day/time. Outside of the 72 hour prior to the catering event day will be regarded as the minimum number for catering and charging purposes. After this date increases may be accepted yet they will need confirmation in writing dependent of availability yet no final number decreases will be accepted.

Fork N Knife Catering will not be held liable for the health and safety of our customers for any food removed from a Fork N Knife catering venue or consumed more than thirty minutes after the specified service time.