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Delivering exceptional catering experiences since 2006, across Central Coast, Sydney and Hunter.

When you choose Fork N Knife, you choose Professionalism and Passion.

Chef Daniel and his wife Jennifer have been running Fork N Knife together for over 17 years, with a commitment to delivering great food, memorable experiences and community.

As the saying goes “Love what you do and do what you love”, is the cornerstone behind Chef Daniel and Fork N Knife’s success.

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Chef Daniel has a passion for food that is embedded in his DNA. Having a Chef as his dad and his family running food businesses for their entire professional lives. 

Chef Daniel grew up in an environment, where the love for food was a language spoken in his home. Chef Daniel started cooking at the tender age of 5 and feels more at home in the kitchen creating with food as his muse, than anywhere else in the world.

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Jennifer brings her extensive corporate background to the professional delivery of each and catering experience. Jen’s friendly approach to the customer experience, as well as her attention to detail, takes the stress out of your event planning.

Customer satisfaction is the motivating force behind Jen’s contribution to Fork N Knife. Jen is across every catering event from beginning to end, ensuring she knows what the customer really needs to make their event feel successful and joyful to them.

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