The original ‘Chef Daniel’ Grazing tables

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The Grazing Table – simply amazing taste & style

We all love entertaining, we all love great tasting food and we all love bringing friends and family together.  Often some of us spend more time in the kitchen than we want to and miss the best of our parties, birthdays or celebrations – the Fork’n’Knife Grazing table is your solution.

There are so many catering companies and catering trends in the market that it is sometimes really hard to work out what choice to make when you need event catering. You find yourself asking Will we have enough food?  Will our guests enjoy the spread of food we have chosen? – the Grazing table is your solution.

So what is a Grazing Table?

Chef Daniel is our catering inspiration at Fork’n’Knife. Our grazing tables are designed to be the central focus point of friends and family to graze on mouthwatering selections of hot and cold food at their leisure, ensuring everyone eats and enjoys themselves at the same time.  Our grazing table makes an impact every time.

Grazing Tables came about because of Chef Daniels passion for food, to make sure everyone could sample as much food as they desired from a range of tasty bite size chunks on a table that makes food the star of the show.  Chef Daniel created his first grazing table 6 years ago for a small family function and from there it has grown and grown being created for the boardrooms of 2UE, BizGals and P&O, created for weddings and parties across Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley, created for dinner parties in private homes and also donated for charity events.

What makes up a Grazing Tables?

Each grazing table ordered from Fork’n’Knife is tailored for our clients leaving their guests ooo’ing and ahhh’ing for a long time after their event.  Set up by our professional team on site, our tables consist of Gourmet Cheeses, Dips and Tangy Sides, Antipasto options suitable for every dietary* need, Assorted Breads, Hot Dishes including Aranicini Balls, Schnitzels, Noodle Boxes and more*.

How can I order?

We offer a Basic, Gourmet and Platinum grazing table to suit everyone’s budget for events with more than 40 people.  If your event has less than 40 people never fear as we also deliver a DIY Grazing Table solution (being launched 2017) to help you get the catering experience you want.

Contact us today and place an order for our grazing table at your next event – fill out an inquiry form online or call us


*Catering can be tailored for any dietary need on request.  Table inclusion stated is based on a Platinum table

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