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An amazing opportunity, an amazing station – have you tuned in yet?

Chef Daniel on 2UE IGA Talking Fresh

Chef Daniel on 2UE IGA Talking Fresh

Chef Daniel is currently a guest host on 2UE during their Talking Lifestyle segment sponsored by IGA. A great friend of the regular host Kim McCoska of 4 Ingredients, who invited us to host the show whilst she is away, Chef Daniel is delivering awesome information on some hot topics.

“Its not every day you wake up and get asked to be on National Radio. Especially not on a station as founded and popular as 2UE. What an amazing opportunity!”.

imageedit_7_9840161792“I absolutely love food and love being a chef even more. I am blessed to have amazing skills in the kitchen and this is something I want to share with people. Not just aspiring chefs or people in the industry but with the every day home cook. Everyone can enhance their love of food – why not!”

Fresh Food and how to cook with it is something which is slowly fading away due to a need for speed at meal times and simply just for convenience. Preparing and sourcing the fresh food is key to a healthy lifestyle, so simple that any one can do it. Chef Daniel shared his detailed family knowledge of Yogurt, how its made and how it effected his decisions to become a Chef. It’s true that a family tradition can help shape your future. Chef Daniel is passionate to give everyone this skill again and shares his passion for it on 2UE.

Chef Daniel is the proud owner of Fork’n’Knife catering, My Little Deli on the NSW Central Coast, and is a regular Celebrity Chef on-board P&O also at Westfields and Domayne. Follow Chef Daniel on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to stay in touch with all of his tips and tricks. Get in touch with Fork’n’Knife catering to have Chef Daniel cater your next event or function.


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